10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Gather at Government Plaza to the music of Viva La Muerte

Welcoming Remarks!

Kick Off Speakers

March to Center City Park!

Speakers recommence at approximately 11:00 AM


 Activities, Exhibitors, and Food Trucks will be

at Central City Park!


 After the March: Keep the Celebration Going!

Earth Day at Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Library (1-5 pm)

4 Local Science Fiction Personalities at the downtown Greensboro Public Library (1-3 pm),

Jonathan Ward on “Bringing Columbia Home” at Scuppernong Books (1pm),

Ariana Eily’s Improv Workshop for Science Communications at HQ Greensboro (2pm)

Vince Barnett showing Scienstars pilot at HQ Greensboro (4pm)