Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –Greensboro NC 04/04/18

March for Science Triad

The March for Science Triad will be held Sat., April 14, kicking off at 10am at Government Plaza (110 Greene St. GSO) and ending at 1pm at Center City Park. Inspirational speeches regarding science and public policy, gerrymandering, immigration, race and gun research are scheduled pre & post march. North Carolina Science Festival 2018 is host to hundreds of community-based events that are showcasing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Sponsored by the Biogen Foundation, the Science Festival celebrates the economic, educational, and cultural impact of science in North Carolina. For more info, see:

Food trucks, tee shirts, poster making, and kids activities including the Nanoscience “NanoBus.” will be on site during the rally. Several community venues including Scuppernong Books, Central Library, The Forge, Gibbs Brewery and Kathleen Clay Edwards Library will feature afternoon tours and activities for the family.

For more information about the March for Science, contact:

Organizer : Dortch Mann (336)404-5998 or on FB – March for Science-Triad