All-American Solar Eclipse FAQ

Here are some questions we’ve received about the All-American Solar Eclipse viewing event next Monday at Center City Park.

Will there be viewing glasses available?

Yes. Our volunteers will start handing out glasses at 2:00 and until we run out.

How much do glasses cost?

Our glasses are free, but we hope you will make a small contribution to March for Science-Greensboro to fund our future programs and events.

What time should I arrive?

Everything starts at 2:00. Parking might be a challenge (although there are 3 big parking decks surrounding the park), so plan accordingly.

What is the schedule?

Music starts at 2:00 and will continue—with short breaks for announcements and instructions—until just prior to the “peak” of the eclipse. Then our emcee will lead the cacophonous drumming to “scare off the dragon”. After we’ve accomplished saving the Sun, more music!

Who is playing?

It’s Viva la Muerte with extra special guest Dan Ray!

What time will the festivities begin?

Everything starts at 2:00 and lasts until 3:00.

Will there be food available?

We highly recommend heading over to Noma & Ghassan’s at LeBauer Park (right next to Center City Park)

Can we bring lawn chairs?

Sure! Just take them back home with you.